Trans Prisoners

We welcome contact from trans prisoners regarding other ideas for support they would like to see from this project. If you have contacts in prison, you can help us reach out and invite trans prisoners to organize with us or contribute to the zine or postcard series. Or to add their name to the list of prisoners to receive letters from people at the events.

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List of prisoners for pen pals

Check out Black and Pink to sign up to be a pen pal of queer and trans prisoners in the United States.


Guidelines for Writing to Prisoners
Please click here and read these guidelines for writing before sending mail to prisoners. You will also find additional information HERE and HERE.

Marius Mason

This international day of solidarity was initiated by Marius Mason. He is an imprisoned transgender anarchist, serving 22 years for acts of eco-sabotage. Marius is incarcerated at Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas, a small, high–security facility; he receives few visits, his mail is monitored, and he is intensely socially isolated.

Since he came out, he has engaged in a painfully slow process of medical screenings to see if he will be permitted to have access to the WPATH standards of care for transgendered people (hormones, surgery, and the right to legally change his name to a gender-appropriate one of his choosing).  To write to Marius:

mariusMarie (Marius) Mason #04672-061
FMC Carswell
Federal Medical Center
P.O. Box 27137
Fort Worth, TX 76127


Vanessa Gibson

Vanessa Gibson is a trans woman who is currently incarcerated in Gatesville, Texas. She has brought to attention the horrific and unethical policies that Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) imposes on trans prisoners, especially trans women.  Vanessa has been incarcerated since she was 17 years old, most of which has been in isolation (administrative segregation).  She has devoted her life to learning the legal system to gain advances in better treatment for trans people who are incarcerated.  She would appreciate any support you are able to offer, and always welcomes new pen-pals.

Follow her blog at


Address the letter to “Vanessa”, along with her TDCJ #699888

Address the envelope exactly as follows:
Scott Gibson #699888
A. Hughes Unit
3201 FM929
Gatesville, TX 76528


Babygirl Gann

Jennifer Gann, A.K.A. Babygirl, is an anti-authoritarian trans woman and insurrectionist amazon held captive for over 25 years for armed robberies and a 1995 attack on a district attorney and associate prison warden. She took part in the 1991 Folsom Prison hunger strike, after which she was beaten and tortured, convicted for armed resistance, and sentenced to multiple 25-to-life sentences under the Three Strikes Law. She has spent over ten years in solitary confinement at Folsom and the Pelican Bay Secure Housing Unit. Despite all of this, Jennifer continues to struggle for freedom, remaining a committed anti-authoritarian, anti-imperialist, anti-racist, anti-fascist, and anti-capitalist.

Donate to support her legal struggles, which could result in her release.
Write her at:
J. Gann
PO Box 5103
Delano, CA 93216


Ky Peterson

Ky Peterson is a Black transman imprisoned for killing his rapist

ky-peterson-bazant-sml-1.jpgKenyota Peterson #100961001, Pulaski State Prison (E-6), P.O.Box 839, Hawkinsville, Ga. 31036

What NOT To Write: no profanity: no photos: no pornography or sexually explicit comments: no political statements like “fuck the system” or “down with the man” or “to hell with prisons” or “fuck the cops” or “we gonna bust you outta jail”: no explicit language around building a movement to get him out (he already knows this!): no empty pages or extra blank pages (no stamps or envelopes can be included but you can make a donation to make sure if Ky wants to write you back that he can. Writing you back costs him money): do not send direct questions about his case: do not send legal information: information about another person locked up in Pulaski (where Ky is) or another prison

What TO Write: always put a return address on the envelope or postcard (otherwise the prison will not give it to Ky): we love you :we are in solidarity with you: a story about how this is relevant to you: anything uplifting and supportive: drawings: poems: updates on current events and trans related info (things you think he may find interesting)


Jay Chase

Jared Chase M44710
P.O. Box 99
Pontiac, IL 61764

At this time, mail and letters to Jay are being requested so he knows he has the support of people who care about him.

Jared Chase of the NATO 3 is serving an 8-year sentence for helping undercover cops with their own idea to make molotov cocktails, that were never used, to protest the 2012 NATO summit in Chicago.

Chase has been diagnosed with Huntingtons disease and has not been receiving the recommended medical care and nutritional supplements required to treat his condition while in custody, further adding to his deterioration as indicated by rapid weight loss.

In October of 2014, Chase wrote to several supporters, “I am a transgender woman,” asking to be referred to as Maya Chase. In accordance with these stated wishes, supporters spread the word in blogs and via social media that Chase’s preferred name was Maya and pronouns were feminine. In a more recent letter, however, dated September 21, 2015, Chase explicitly requested that his legal name and male pronouns be used once again to identify him: “…After a lot of thinking I’ve decided even though I am Bi/TS/GQ, I don’t think I want to spend the rest of my life as a Woman 24/7. So you can refer to me in mascul[ine] terms.” Letters from that date forward have been signed using “Jared” or “Jay.”

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