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Connect and share on FacebookTwitter and InstagramSend an email out through your networks, send us ideas at Jan 22: PO Box 163126 Sacramento, CA 95816
Find out about prison abolition or trans community groups in your area and let them know about this project.
A poster will be uploaded to the resource page soon.

Host an event

Anyone can host an event. Some event ideas include: letter writing gatherings, film screenings, public forums, fundraisers or actions.We can support you to get your event going, provide resources and help with promotion. Contact us:

Write to prisoners

We are currently compiling a list of trans prisoners internationally who would like to receive letters. In the meantime, check out Black and Pink and/or our Prisoners page for a list of queer and trans prisoners in the United States.

Link prisoners to this project

If you have contacts in prison, you might be able to help us reach out to trans people to invite them to organise with us, contribute to the zine and postcard projects, or go on the list to receive letters from the events. We welcome contact from trans prisoners regarding other ideas for support they would like to see from this project. Feel free to pass on our address listed below.

If you know of any newsletters or publications that are circulated in prisons, we would love the chance to contribute something to promote the project.

Get active

To get involved in organising contact:

Jan 22: PO Box 163126 Sacramento, CA 95816 


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